Cooking at Home More These Days?

Jul 27th 2020

Since the global COVID-19 pandemic started, it seems many of us have upped our "nesting" tendencies. Bread baking (especially sourdough) has been on the rise. Sewing, knitting, and crafting in gene … read more

New Recipes Added!

Aug 14th 2019

One of our customers' favorite ways to use K-Sauce is in the kitchen as an addition to one's culinary repertoire. While we encourage you to experiment in your own favorite recipes, we offer you tested … read more


Dec 6th 2018

If you're looking for gift ideas this holiday season, don't forget this important perk: We are offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $40 made through the web site. Just use coupon code ship-free&n … read more

Is It Chili or Chile or Chilli?

Oct 24th 2018

Ah yes... The English language... We have lots of rules — and just as many exceptions. And then of course there's the difference between American English and British English and various other variatio … read more

What's the Deal with the K?

Oct 22nd 2018

One of the things you can't miss when you see a bottle of K-Sauce is that large, scribbled letter K, followed by a superscript number. We're asked from time to time: What's the deal with the K? W … read more