Recipes and Uses for K-5 Chipotle Hot Sauce

k-sauce-k-5-1200x1200.jpgK-5™ is another unique sauce in our K-Sauce™ family. Called Chipotle, its smoky flavor profile makes it particularly good in those deeply savory, meaty applications. Here are some ideas and recipes for how to use K-5. 

  • Great on steaks and hamburgers

  • Use to brown taco meat instead of chili powder

  • Compound butter for steaks or breakfast eggs (use with corned beef hash — the best!)

  • Halve an avocado and drizzle K-5 over it

  • Combine with mayonnaise for a sandwich spread or sour cream for baked potatoes

  • Use in macaroni and cheese

  • Put in mashed potatoes

  • Makes the best-pulled pork you’ll ever have

  • A great substitute for barbeque sauce and steak sauce

  • Mix with Ranch or Caesar salad dressing for a killer chipotle salad 

  • Mix with hummus

  • Use in turkey or beef gravy

Recipes That Use K-5 Chipotle Hot Sauce

K-5 Butternut Squash Soup
K-5 Ranch Salad Dressing
K-5 Pumpkin Soup
K-5 Pulled Pork Sliders
K-5 Mushrooms with Sausage Stuffing 
K-5 Chipotle Beer & Butter Shrimp Foil Pack