Recipes and Uses for K-4 Sunshine Mango Hot Sauce

k-sauce-k-4-1200x1200.jpgK-4™ is one of our most unique sauces. Called Sunshine Mango, it's got the perfect blend of sweet and heat, giving it a unique set of uses. Here are some ideas and recipes for how to use K-4. 

  • Use in Mango salsa

  • Mix with cream cheese for a fruity, spicy dip

  • Sautéed halibut with K-4 Sunshine Mango Compound Butter

  • Use with melon balls for a kick

  • Marinate shrimp and grill            

  • Serve mango relish with seared scallops

  • Add to sautéed vegetables

  • Jerk-rubbed chicken

  • Reduction of orange juice with K-4 over vegetables

  • Use in vinaigrette for a salad

  • Put on peanut butter and jelly sandwich (with orange marmalade jelly or honey)

Recipes That Use K-4 Sunshine Mango Hot Sauce

K-4 Sweet Potato and Mango with Bacon
K-4 Caribbean Chicken Fajitas
K-4 Fruit Salad
K-4 Ketchup
K-4 Mango Relish
K-4 Vinaigrette
K-4 Salmon Rice Bowl