Recipes and Uses for K-3 Be Afraid!! Hot Sauce

k-sauce-k-3-1200x1200.jpgK-3™ is one of our most popular members of the K-Sauce™ family. Despite its name, there's no reason to be afraid; K-3 is about flavor, not take-your-tongue-down heat. Here are some ideas and recipes for how to use K-3. 

  • Marinate tri-tip, flank steaks or chicken

  • Use for hot wings   

  • Use in queso dip  

  • Add to macaroni and cheese

  • Use in stir-fry

  • Put on a baked potato or breakfast eggs

Recipes That Use K-3 Be Afraid!! Hot Sauce

K-3 Glazed Carrots with Honey and Maple
K-3 Vinaigrette
K-3 Chicken Wings
K-3 Easy Fish Tacos