Recipes and Uses for K-1 Original Hot Sauce

k-sauce-k-1-1200x1200.jpgK-1™ Original Hot Sauce is where it all began back in 2005. This award-winning sauce is still a favorite of K-Sauce™ fans everywhere, and part of the reason is its versatility. In this section, you'll find recipes for using K-1, but here are some additional ideas for you:

  • Mix with ketchup for a kick

  • Marinate chicken with fresh rosemary and olive oil

  • Marinate flank steak, fish or pork

  • Sprinkle on pizza or lasagna (yum!)

  • Use on baked potatoes

  • Add to soups or sautéed vegetables

  • Use on grilled cheese sandwiches or pork chops

  • Add to pico de gallo salsa (yes, we have a recipe for that!)

Recipes That Call for K-1

K-1 Cream Sauce with Pasta
K-1 Curried Carrot Soup
K-1 Pico de Gallo
K-1 Spicy Flank Steak
K-1 Queso Dip
K-1 Vinaigrette
K-1 Hot and Spicy Chex™ Mix