K-Sauce 6-Pack "Make Your Own"

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Whether it’s because you can’t decide, like ‘em all, or are just looking for an awesome gift, you can’t go wrong with the K-Sauce™ 6-Pack.

In this — our “Make Your Own” version — each pack contains one 5 fl. oz. bottle of each of six flavors that you choose! Can't get enough of K-2? Get six of 'em. Prefer K-1 and K-6? Get three of each. Built-out your 6-Pack any way you choose. All the bottles will be nestled into a carrier that’s not just a convenient package, but informative as well! One side panel shows our K-Scale™ chart, and where each of our sauces ranks, a handy reference for you or for those new to K-Sauce. The other side provides a number of great ideas for how to use the sauces beyond merely adding them to food at the table (not that that’s ever a bad idea, of course!). 30 fl. oz. total (approx. 900 ml total).