K-5 Chipotle Hot Sauce (5 oz.)

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K-Scale™ Hotness Level:
4 out of 10
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K-5™ was the fifth sauce to join the K-Sauce™ family, and this one too has some unique possibilities that are all in the name: Chipotle. For those not in the know, Chipotle is Aztec for "smoked chile" — in our case (and traditionally) Jalapeño peppers, specifically, that have been smoke-dried. And it's that smokiness that makes the uses of K-5 so unique. As an ingredient in your own steak sauce (or just use it instead of it!), you'll find it's perfect for grilled meats. It's equally versatile wherever you need a hint of smoke flavor in addition to a little zing. It comes-in at a 4 out of 10 on our K-Scale™. This bottle contains 5 fl. oz. (approx. 150 ml).

K-5 is a winner of 6 national hot sauce awards — and counting!

2013 Hot Pepper Award Winner: 2nd Place Chipotle Division
2017 World Hot Sauce Award Winner: 3rd Place Hot Sauce Division • Chipotle
2019 Fiery Food Challenge Winner: 2nd Place Chipotle Division
2019 World Hot Sauce Awards Winner: 3rd Place Chipotle Division
2019 International Flavor Awards Winner: 2nd Place Chipotle Division
2021 Scovie Award Winner: 2nd Place Specialty Chile Division