Price Adjustments Are No Fun

Jan 7th 2022

As we enter a new year, you've no doubt seen the same headlines in major news outlets that we have. The global pandemic continues to drag on, supply chains continue to be a tangle, and prices continue to rise, triggering inflation concerns. Regrettably, we too have been impacted by some of these issues.

As a result, we've just made our first price adjustments in a decade. Our individual 5 oz. bottles are now $8.00, while our six-packs are now $40.00. For now, we're keeping our shipping rates the same, despite increases in those costs as well.

While the price may be a bit higher, you can be confident that we're not cutting corners. You'll still get same delicious hot sauces, made in small batches with fresh ingredients, and in the same six incredible varieties. 

Thanks for your support, and for continuing to make K-Sauce a part of your favorites recipes, and meals.