K-sauce on Bill Moore’s Hot and Spicy Reviews

We love Bill Moore and his “Hot and Spicy” reviews. You can tell he really cares about his hot sauce, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have hims as a fan.

Here’s each of his YouTube reviews for the K-sauce line.

  • K1- The Original “Wow!…Beautiful flavor..really good taste on this. 9 out of 10”
  • K2-Mean Green “Everything is so well-blended…one of best green sauces I’ve ever tasted…MUST BUY…ten out of ten”
  • K3- Be Afraid “Wow… garlic, onions, bite of ghost pepper. Fresh, savory… fantastic!!!”
  • K4-Sunshine Mango “Perfect…One of the best mango-habanero sauces I have ever tasted…Flavor bomb”
  • K5-Chipotle “Nice flavor coming from Chipotle… fantastic chipotle flavor…really good.”

“Everybody, they’re products are fantastic…they are all MUST BUYs!”

Thanks, Bill!

We started to create a new category of premium, flavor-driven hot sauces. With reviews like this, we might start believing we’re on our way.

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