Sunshine Mango Shrimp


This is one of our favorites. Great grill suggestion as we wrap-up Spring move into Summer!

Sunshine Mango Shrimp
Recipe type: Seafood
Cuisine: American
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Serves: 6
This easy recipe will give you a refreshing and festive Caribbean-style meal; terrific to celebrate spring. K-4 sauce (Keenan's Killer Sunshine Mango hot sauce) provides an exotic mix of fruit and fire with mangos and habanero peppers. Fresh lime juice in the sauce balances the sweetness of the ripe mangoes and the tropical tanginess is supported by garlic, honey and a hint of ginger and cinnamon.
  • K-4 Sauce- Keenan's Killer Sunshine Mango hot sauce. 1- 10 ounce bottle or two 5 ounce bottles
  • Extra large shrimp (13-15 shrimp per pound) deveined, but shells on. Allow 6 shrimp per person for an entree portion; two for appetizers
  • Small hot peppers such as serranos or jalapeños, or mild red and green bell peppers, cleaned of seeds and cut into slices or cubes, as desired.
  • Fresh pineapple, sliced ½ inch thick. Allow 2 slices per person
  • Fresh mango slices, ½ inch thick. Allow 2 slices per person
  • Vegetable oil, as needed
  1. Leaving the shells on, skewer the shrimp with two bamboo skewers that have been soaked in water for 30 minutes. Position the shrimp on the skewers so the shrimp will lay flat. Alternate small hot peppers (such as serranos or jalapeños for more spice) or green and red bell peppers slices between the shrimp and thread them onto the skewers.
  2. Place the skewered shrimp and peppers in a glass container and completely cover them with K-4 (Sunshine Mango K-Sauce.) Cover with plastic wrap and allow to marinate for 24 hours.
  3. Place the marinated shrimp on a hot grill and allow to cook - 2-3 minutes. Turn the shrimp by using the skewers as a handle, or use tongs. Allow the shrimp to cook another 2 minutes, but just until firm and cooked pink throughout. Do not over cook.
  4. While grilling the shrimp, brush the grill with vegetable oil, then quickly grill the pineapple and mango slices. Turn the fruit slices so they get nice cross hatch markings from the grill.
  5. Serve the shrimp with with the grilled fruit, along with steamed rice tossed with lime and cilantro, black beans, or another side of your choice.


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