What’s in the sauce: Perfecting the pepper at “pepper labs”

At K-sauce, we take peppers and pepper growing very seriously. You can’t make a great sauce without great peppers any more than you can make a great wine without great grapes.

For that, we’ve started pepper labs.  Here we can experiment with growing the most flavorful peppers on the planet. There’s a lot that goes into a great pepper, the breed, the temperature, the minerals, the amount of light, the list goes on. We aim to form a community of people that are as passionate as we are about hot sauce and hot peppers to share what works best in the months and years ahead.

We at K-sauce also believe that peppers and sauce are equal parts science and art. We aim to put the science and art together to create the very best sauces on the planet. Here’s some picture of our ongoing “experiments”.






In addition to the Bhut Jolokia in the foreground, we have Carolina Reaper, Red Morouga Scorpion and Butch T Trinidad Scorpion.  These are the current (in that order with Carolina Reaper #1) record holders for hottest peppers in the world!



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